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Marijuana Seeds Canada

O’ Canada, the home of the free.  Canadians have been granted a new found freedom, one that anyone of us (above the age of 18), will soon be able to enjoy.  The legal consumption of marijuana, whether if be for medicinal or recreational purposes.

Marijuana has always been on the fringes of our society, partly taboo, depending usually on the context.  A clear majority of Canadian have tried weed as some point in their life.  A significant portion of the population is semi-regular uses.  For many of us, used regularly in some circles, often your close friends.  One the other side, fully illegal.  Most usually don’t talk about open consumption in their place of work.  Verb admission of an illegal and illicit activity would not be looked kindly upon by most employers.

This has been a long fought battle.  For decades countless users, activist, legal-experts, academics, doctors, compassionates, human beings, have found for one form or another of “legalization” or “decriminalization” on some social/legal/compassionate/governance grounds.

marijuana seeds canadaDecade after decade it slowly crept closer and closer into the mainstream of our society.  Portray in movies, TV, music it became part of the growing social and entertainment culture.  Normalizing our acceptance of it, if not portraying several stereotypes along the way.  Many innocent victims have been created along the way.  The United States “War on Drugs” incarcerated thousands of people.  Many for simply having a few joints in their possession.  In some countries, suspected drug dealers are killed by police with little or no evidence.  Even minor offenses registered against you in Canada could have a lasting impact on your record and prevent an individual from achieving all the opportunities this great country affords us.

Grow your own weed in Canada

To pay homage to the victims we should enjoy our new found rights and freedoms.  Bless this progressive country and the courageous leader who took an stand to finally grant us this right we should all be able to freely enjoy.  Now finally the time of freedom is upon us.  Grab some fresh seeds to commemorate the occasion.  We’ve got some great weed growing tips right here.


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