Growing Tips

Sprouting Seeds:

When sprouting seeds their are many methods that work good. We recommend using peat pellets. Start by adding a mild plant fertilizer to your water then adjust the ph of the water to 6.7 to 6.9. Soak peat pellets for a few hours or until they have expanded to full size. Place in rows in grow tray and place 1 seed in each pellet about 5mm under the soil. Place clear plastic dome over tray and place in warm location in greenhouse or under grow light. Once seeds sprout remove clear plastic dome and let plants grow for a few more days. Make sure soil does not dry out keep moist once seedlings are established relocate to bigger pots and start feeding regular strength fertilizer.

Growing non-feminized seeds to produce seedless bud:

To produce seedless bud from non-feminized bud their are 3 methods.

Method 1:

The first method is to grow your plants like you normally would and when the plant starts its flowering cycle [ starts to bud } you simply cut down or pull up the males as soon as they show their sex. To do this you need to be their about every 5-6 days or more when the flowering cycle starts. When the male shows its sex you have about a week before the pods open up and release their pollen. So as long as you get it away from the females before the male pods open up and release their pollen you will have seedless bud. This is allot easier than many people think. Some people have a hard time distinguishing a male plant from a female plant ,but with a little practice it can become easy for anyone. Also a warning if you go near a garden with male cannabis plants that have released their pollen the pollen can get on your clothes and can be carried by you to other garden locations and cause those plants to become seeded. So simply change your clothes or wash them if they get contaminated with male pollen before going near your seedless plants.

Method 2:

This method I believe is the best and easiest. First start by starting your seedlings under 18 hours light 6 hours darkness in 4 inch pots or beer cups with holes in bottom for proper drainage.  After 4 to 6 weeks or when seedlings are about 8 to 12 inches tall turn back the light timer to 12 hours darkness and 12 hours light this will trick them into showing their sex. As the males show themselves kill them and remove them. When the females show their sex relocate them to another location with 18 hours light and 6 hours darkness and remove top of plant or plant them outside or in greenhouse and they will go right back into grow [veg] stage very quickly and will produce seedless bud. This is better than cloning ,because seedlings get bigger and grow faster than clones and you don’t have to keep a mother plant around all year. If you want more plants you can take a clone or two off each one before you plant them and they will be all females that produce seedless bud.

Method 3:

This method is the cloning method. Start your seeds as normal and use method 2 to determine which ones are female. Or another method to determine sex is to take a clone off each seedling and label it as to which seedling the clone came from. Once labeled clones are rooted place them under a light and set the light at 12 hours darkness and 12 hours light to start the flowering cycle. As clones show their sex you check the label and you will know which seedling it came off. Whatever the clones sex is will also  be the seedlings sex it came off of. Kill all clones and seedlings that are male. Place female seedlings in large pots and continue growing under 18 hours light 6 hours darkness. When they get big you can start taking cuttings from them and all the cuttings will be female that will produce seedless bud.

How to make seeds :

Making your own seeds is easy.  Plant sprouted seeds in 4 inch pots and veg until 12 inches tall. Plant in garden greenhouse or large pots. Make sure plants are no more than 3 feet apart. Continue growing as you normally would. Plants will produce seed on their own ,you don’t have to do anything as long as you have a male and female plant close to each other. You can dust your female plants with the pollen from the males , by simply snapping the top off a male plant that is releasing pollen and dusting the tops of the female plants with it. This will result in better pollination and more seeds. To cross pollinate 2 strains to create a new strain simply grow a female from one strain and dust the top of her with the pollen from another strain or grow them side by side.